Barbara Hendricks Savoy-teatterissa 20. ja 21.3.2020!

"The blues was born in the plantations in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

It tells the story of the life of the former slaves: the oppression, the violence, the injustice of the segregationist Jim Crow laws. The blues is much more than a musical form: in the years 1950-1960, with its songs of commitment, its songs of protest, it was a crucial tool in the struggle for civil rights in the USA led by Martin Luther King.

The blues, with its roots in Africa, is my music.
And as every human being has his roots in Africa, as the whole world, ultimately, is African, the blues is a legacy for us all. Everyone sings the blues, in all countries and in all languages.

In the blues all human emotions are expressed in their universality: suffering, joy, fear, hope.
The melodies, the harmonies and the rhythms of blues vibrate within us.
I hear the blues in all the great composers, from Mozart to Debussy, from Mahler to Ellington, from Gershwin to Puccini. And I sing the blues.

I hear the blues in the wind.
I see the blues in the forces of nature.
The blues sings freedom and expresses the desire for solidarity.
The blues is omnipresent.
Does the blues exist for us, or do we exist for the blues?
Let us play, let us sing the blues. The answer will be clear.
The blues is the life as it is, truly."

Barbara Hendricks

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